The first appointment usually takes 90 minutes. During this time we would discuss your health concerns, and take a full history. Any necessary physical exams would follow, to help find the right diagnosis. By the end of the appointment, I would share my initial treatment recommendations, and outline the next steps to take toward your goals.

Follow-up appointments take 30 minutes. These are to discuss and adjust your ongoing care, to provide in-office treatments including acupuncture, and to address any new issues that arise.

If you would like to meet me and see how my personality and approach work for you, we can meet for 15 minutes and discuss your health goals. No treatments can be offered in these meetings.

Due to COVID-19, appointments are limited to telehealth visits for essential services. Please contact for availability.

Appointments are available:

Monday 2 pm - 8 pm at Silver Spruce

Tuesday 10 am - 8 pm at Carrot Common

Wednesday 8 am - 2 pm at Silver Spruce